Practice Partner Resources


Tweaking Practice Partner to Improve Your Workflow.pdf


Customize Your Templates with Quick Text and Conditional Logic.pdf

Moving From Lab Data Items to Clinical Elements.pdf


After the Rollout

Instant Medical History 2012

Controlling Practice Partner using AutoHotKey

OCR Tools

Optimizing Quick Text and Templates

Tribal Knowledge


Using Link.ppt

Message Templates.ppt

Office Procedure Templates.ppt

The Merge Template Utility.ppt

Advanced Basics.ppt

Chronic Disease or Consultant Templates.ppt

AUA LUTS Symptom Score.xls


Advanced Template Design 2007.ppt

General Template issues, 2007.ppt

Saving Clicks and Keystrokes.ppt

2006 and Before

Advanced Template Design 2006 PowerPoint Presentation

Advanced Template Programming PDF

Conditional Logic 2006 PowerPoint Presentation

Conditional Logic Tutorial 2006 PDF

Designing a Chronic Disease Template PowerPoint Presentation

Going Paperless PowerPoint Presentation

Templates for Chronic Disease Management PowerPoint Presentation